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Served with Foreclosure? Foreclosure or eviction in progress? Need Help? --- Get it from Neil F Garfield, MBA, JD FBN 229318

Neil Garfield and the LendingLies team have the knowledge, skills and 42 years of trial experience to help you get traction in court.

Neil F Garfield, since 2006, has been the leading U.S. resource for consumers and lawyers in the fight against the banks. HIs blog has been visited more than 15 million times by homeowners, attorneys, legislators, law enforcement and the press.

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We draft lawsuits, answers, discovery, motions and briefs for lawyers and pro se litigants.

Submit Private Registration Form Here Get a Private Consultation with Neil. We provide information, forensic and expert reports, consulting and coaching essential to developing your foreclosure defense narrative and strategy you need for the best possible traction in the courtroom or negotiations over settlement or modifications.

All information, reports, and work product are offered subject to the review by an attorney who is licensed in the jurisdiction in which the property is located. Mr. Garfield is licensed in Florida in state courts, bankruptcy courts, and federal courts. He is also licensed in Washington DC through reciprocity with Florida. Only a court order can stop foreclosure.

Neil's comments and guidance should be reviewed by your local attorney BEFORE you act.

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Mission Statement

We start from the premise that most foreclosures are NOT initiated for any owner of a debt. Our MIssion is to provide homeowners with the best possible chance to win their cases rather than merely delay the "inevitable". GO TO LIVINGLIES BLOG mission.

LendingLies is dedicated to the principle that all consumers of credit are entitled to existing consumer protections under federal and state law. The purpose is to engage and to defend against improper or illegal claims to enforce debts arising from unauthorized third-party transactions and mismanaged loan accounts.

You can get free information on the internationally acclaimed LivingLies blog authored by Neil F Garfield, Esq., since 2007. Neil is a former investment banker and current trial lawyer with 42 years of trial experience and an expert witness in investment banking, securitization of debt, lending practices and auditing of lenders.

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